Student Surgical Association of Hong Kong

Past Seminars

Careers Night 2017

The annual SSAHK Careers Night was successfully held on March 24th, 2017……

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Women in Surgery - Seminar given by Dr Lorraine Chow and Dr Violet Tsoi

The first seminar of the year - “Women in Surgery”, was successfully held on 3rd March, 2017 ......

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Healing the Young - Seminar given by Dr. Wong Kak Yuen

The third seminar of SSAHK, aiming at exploring one of the most vigorously growing fields in surgery - Paediatric surgery...

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Careers Night 2016 Review

SSAHK annual Careers Night was successfully held on 4th March, 2016......

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Aesthetic vs Reconstructive Surgeries - Seminar given by Dr. Chan Yu Wai

The second seminar of SSAHK - "Aesthetic vs Reconstructive surgeries- A look into their similarities and differences", by our honourable guest speaker - Dr. Chan Yu Wai, was held fruitfully on 22nd January ......

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The War Zone Surgeon - Seminar given by Dr. Au Yiu Kai

SSAHK was honoured to have invited Dr. Au Yiu Kai as our guest speaker for our first seminar - “The War Zone Surgeon” which was held successfully on 27th November at the Prince of Wales Hospital, Lui Che Wo Clinical Sciences Building, Lecture Theatre ...

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Surgical Challenges in the Tropics

During the seminar, Professor Chung shared his experiences of treating impoverished patients in Papua New Guinea from 2004 to 2007. The country was amidst hostile circumstances at the time; Its medical resources were thus inadequate to provide proper treatment...

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The Art and Science of Surgery

Professor Lo paralleled his personal experiences in liver transplant surgeries with the romantic tragedy "Titanic", to highlight the humanitarian sides of surgeries. Interestingly, he compared the 100% success rate in most surgeries with the 200% success rate in transplant surgeries...

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Inspiration to become a surgeon- from very basic to using the robot

As one of the leading figures in this field, Professor Ng shared with us his personal thoughts and memorable episodes encountered during his career, as well as his visit to Southern Asia as a member of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) following the tsunami in 2004...

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