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Healing the Young - Seminar given by Dr. Wong Kak Yuen

The third seminar of SSAHK, aiming at exploring one of the most vigorously growing fields in surgery - Paediatric surgery, was successfully held on 30th September, 2016 at the Queen Mary Hospital, Professorial Block, Lecture Theatre. We are honoured to have invited Dr. Wong Kak Yuen, Kenneth to be our guest speaker. Dr. Wong is a Clinical Associate Professor of the Department of Surgery with more than 15 years of experience specialising in Paediatric surgery.

Paediatric surgery was first established locally in 1960s and soon result in a remarkable improvement in the survival rate of newborns with congenital surgical anomalies. He described his career choice a matter of serendipity and he has never regret choosing this path. Dr. Wong quoted some statistics showing that paediatric surgeons have the highest overall satisfaction rate among the surgical specialties and the lowest burnout rate.

Paediatric surgeons operate on patients from birth put to 18 year olds. However, children are not simply small adults but differ from adults in terms of disease progression, physiological and psychological response to illness. It is more difficult to do a complete physical examination on a paediatric patient and to understand the chief complaints of them.

In the past, contrary to other surgical specialties, paediatric surgeons have to be familiar with all organ systems rather than specialising in one. Recently, they are trying to develop the subspecialties under paediatric surgery e.g. Neonatal surgery, Pulmonary paediatric surgery etc.

Dr. Wong is proud of the handy skills possessed by paediatric surgeons as operations are performed in a very small cavity esp. in laparoscopic surgeries or minimally invasive surgeries where most automated equipments are too large to fit as they are designed for adult patients. The suture used are often of size of 5-O. The high requirement on precision makes paediatric surgeons one of the most careful specialties with stable hands.

One of the most representative surgery performed by local paediatric surgeons is the laparoscopic anorectoplasty that many of the papers circulating at the international level are from Hong Kong. Laparoscopic anorectoplasty is a procedure performed to re-open the fused anal canal inside from rectum. This procedure is a great breakthrough in anorectoplasty with better precision, shorter recovery time and less risk than open surgery.

We hope you enjoyed Dr. Wong’s seminar. See you in our future events!

Last updated: September 30, 2016