Student Surgical Association of Hong Kong

The War Zone Surgeon - Seminar given by Dr. Au Yiu Kai

SSAHK was honoured to have invited Dr. Au Yiu Kai as our guest speaker for our first seminar - “The War Zone Surgeon” which was held successfully on 27th November at the Prince of Wales Hospital, Lui Che Wo Clinical Sciences Building, Lecture Theatre.

Dr. Au is currently a consultant surgeon at Kwong Wah Hospital. Dr. Au has been dedicated in community services and started being an outreach volunteer doctor since 1987. Being the medical volunteer of both Hong Kong Red Cross and MSF, he has engaged in numerous medical humanitarian missions in war zones and disaster zones such as Yemen, Gaza and Palestine.

During the seminar, Dr Au shared those humble conditions in terms of food and water supply in war or disaster. Being the pioneer in humanitarian rescuing for years, Dr. Au is rich in experience and is able to play roles of different healthcare professional, from General surgeon to O&G and Ophthalmologic surgeon and even physiotherapist. Under many circumstances, Dr. Au has to learn new surgical procedures right before operation and create some physiotherapy equipments to facilitate the recovery of patients. The satisfaction obtained from overcoming all those challenges is beyond description.

War zone surgery differs from civilised practice in various ways. Apart from the limitation of resources and concern of insecurity, in a more academic tone, there are war-zone-specific epidemiology and pathologies of injuries and diseases. Wounds are commonly due to bullet, bombs, blast and non-conventional weapons. The special pathologies require special techniques appropriate to the context. With the aid of first-hand photos, the audience had widened their horizon by the wounds and injuries prevalent in war zones and the third world.

At the end of the seminar, Dr Au spent some time answering questions from audience, which is related to the driving force that push Dr. Au to serve the world in a risky way. Dr. Au shared the lessons he learnt from patients in war zones, which is the value of life, the most natural way of seeing life. It stroked Dr. Au and arouse him of the original intention of practising surgery - to make the world more meaningful.

We hope you enjoyed Dr. Au’s seminar with regard to the life of war zone surgeon and hope to see you in our upcoming events!

Last updated: November 27, 2015