Student Surgical Association of Hong Kong

The Art and Science of Surgery

Second Seminar, 7th January 2015

SSAHK is proud to have invited Professor Lo Chung Mau, Chair Professor and Head of Department of Surgery of The University of Hong Kong, to serve as the speaker of our second seminar, which was successfully held on the 14th January at The University of Hong Kong, Cheung Kung Hai Lecture Theatre. Professor Lo is an internationally renowned hepatobiliary surgeon specializing in liver transplantation.

The topic of the seminar was “The Art and Science of Surgery”. Professor Lo paralleled his personal experiences in liver transplant surgeries with the romantic tragedy “Titanic”, to highlight the humanitarian sides of surgeries. Interestingly, he compared the 100% success rate in most surgeries with the 200% success rate in transplant surgeries, as two lives are saved. The additional joy from saving individuals is also the reason behind Professor Lo’s fondness for transplant surgeries. Professor Lo also shared with us some of the more memorable anecdotes between recipient and donors, which illustrated the two extremities of human nature. On one account, Professor Lo spoke of a Samarian liver donor, who chose to donate his liver to a female patient, of whom he did not know previously, but had read her story through the newspapers. On the other hand, Professor Lo also spoke of a pair of parents who could, but were unwilling to donate their liver to their dying son, which ultimately led to a tragic ending. Professor Lo used the two, almost contradictory recounts to reinforce the idea of compassion and love all doctors should possess towards their patients.

In addition, Professor Lo also introduced us to the foundations of the surgical procedures as well as the anatomical significance of the liver. He described that in liver transplantations, a donor-recipient match only required matching blood type, but was also dependent on the size of the recipient. Professor Lo also explained the basis formulating multiple liver transplants, when one recipient receives different regions of the liver from multiple donors, and why they were possible.

Finally, on top of sharing his surgical experiences, Professor Lo took some time at the end of the seminar to answer some of the audience’s question, which related to his work and leisure balance and his future in the medical career. Professor Lo mentioned that he chose to stay to serve as surgeon in Hong Kong, as opposed to going to America as he felt that Asia is where his skill is in most demand of. Furthermore, he said he took part in marathon and is very fond of running.

We hope you enjoyed Professor Lo’s seminar with regard to the art and science of surgery and hope to see you in our future activities!

Last updated: January 7, 2015