Student Surgical Association of Hong Kong

Inspiration to become a surgeon- from very basic to using the robot

First Seminar, 14th November 2014

On 14th November 2014, we were delighted to have Professor Enders Ng as the guest speaker for our first seminar, titled ‘Inspiration to Become a Surgeon: From Very Basic to Using the Robot’, held at the Prince of Wales Hospital. With over 100 attending we are overjoyed with the support shown by our fellow students.

Interactive Seminar with Professor Enders Ng

Robotic surgery has been gaining prominence over the past decade, thanks to rapid technological advancements. With the aid of robotic arms, today’s surgeons are able to operate with enhanced precision and dexterity, thereby overcoming limitations of traditional surgeries and improving patient care. As one of the leading figures in this field, Professor Ng shared with us his personal thoughts and memorable episodes encountered during his career, as well as his visit to Southern Asia as a member of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) following the tsunami in 2004.

Surgery is by all means a serious business, but amidst the hustle and bustle in the hospital, a light dose of humor is sometimes the best remedy to lift a little of the burden from the surgeons’ shoulders. Apart from recalling his myriad experiences, Professor Ng also recounted a couple of personal entertaining anecdotes, revealing the less sober side of the dynamics in the operating theatre.

Visit to the Minimal Invasive Surgical Centre, PWH

On top of the seminar, a concomitant trip to the MISC was organized for pre-clinical students, which aimed at offering them an opportunity to get a taste of operating medical equipment. While students of the past were not able to enjoy such privilege, today’s budding surgeons benefit from a more resource-laden learning setting: Simulation centres, in particular, serve as an excellent place for them to gain hands on practice before actually putting on their scrubs. The trip proved to be a unique and stimulating experience for many.

Thank you for attending our first seminar. We hope you found the experience rewarding, and we hope to see you at our future events!

Last updated: November 14, 2014