Student Surgical Association of Hong Kong

Tea Gathering

For pre-clinical students, surgery seems far beyond reach. SSAHK truly understand that by offering students more opportunities. Motivation can turn into an early stepping stone of future success.

With the aim of nourishing students’ vision and broadening their exposure to the surgical field, SSAHK has been organising a variety of surgically related events for the past two years. To pass down our spirits and uphold our honour, we need your support.

Application for the 3rd executive committee will open soon. Medical students from both HKU and CUHK are eligible.

Come to our tea gatherings if you want to know more about our structure and the details of organising large scale events! You are also welcomed to come for better understanding of our missions and us! Lunch and light refreshments will be served!

If you are interested in joining the tea gatherings, please register online in advance for better arrangements of food ordering and refreshments.

We look forward to seeing you in our tea gatherings :)