Student Surgical Association of Hong Kong


The Year Ahead

In the academic year 2016/2017, we will organize suturing workshops, career nights and regular seminars for all Hong Kong medical students. We may also send a team of representatives for International Symposium in 2017.

Regular Seminars

Surgical pioneers will share with us their personal experiences, and the reasons why they chose to become a surgeon. Furthermore, there will be talks on technological breakthroughs in surgery, such as robotic surgery, and other advancing techniques that are put into practice recently. Finally, they will talk about medical students’ future career paths, and the preparation needed to pursue a surgical career.

Seminar Review

Careers Night

It is a semi-formal event. Students will have the chance to meet and talk with surgical experts from different specialties in a relaxing environment. We expect it to help in building lasting relationships between the students and the surgeons.

Careers Night 2017

Suturing Workshops

It is an introductory session on suturing and knot tying, in which a mentor will teach students in a small-group setting (around 10 pre-clinical students). Each participant will receive their own set of materials. Both basic and advanced workshops will be offered.

Basic Suturing Workshop 2017
Advanced Surgical Workshop 2017

International Symposium

In order to build connections with surgical societies around the world, we will register with the International Association of Student Surgical Societies (IASSS) this year. There will be exchange opportunities with other universities and we may send representatives to the International Symposium of IASSS in the summer of 2017.

Surgical Taster Day

Surgical Taster Day is a two-day programme designed specially for secondary school students who have great interest in studying medicine or even choosing surgery as a career. Participants will spend each day at one of the two medical schools in Hong Kong, and learn fundamental surgical skills and knowledge with surgery as the overarching theme.

Surgical Taster Day 2017