Student Surgical Association of Hong Kong

Careers Night 2016

The Students' Surgical Association of Hong Kong is proud to present its Annual Careers Evening!

The Evening will begin with a sharing session by doctors from different specialties, followed by a Q and A session when participants will get into groups and have more personal interactions with the doctors.

It will be a valuable opportunity for participants to bond with doctors and gain insights into fields of surgery and medicine.


  • Dr Jennifer Mou (Pediatric surgery, CUHK)
  • Prof CS Lau (Rheumatology and Clinical immunology, HKU)
  • Dr Cyrus Tse (Colorectal surgery)
  • Dr Shirley Liu (Gastrointestinal surgery, CUHK)
  • Prof Bernard Cheung (Cardiovascular therapeutics, HKU)
  • Dr Kendrick Shih (Ophthalmology, HKU)
  • Dr Alfred Wong (Vascular surgery, HKU)


Date and time

4th March 2016 (Friday) - 19:30-21:00


Room 301, Li Ka Shing Medical Science Building, PWH


Free of charge


50 (Priority given to members in case of excess number of applicants)

Application link

Click here

Application deadline

29 February 2016 (23:59)

Confused about your career path? Or just want to find out more? Don't hesitate and please sign up now! Both clinical and preclinical students are welcome.


External events directors:

  • 69764272 (M21 Chloe Cheung, HKU)
  • 96663338 (M20 Kitty Ma, HKU)
  • Email