Student Surgical Association of Hong Kong

Committee 2017-2018

President James Wong (MBChB 2023)
Vice President Angela Sze (MBBS 2023)
Secretary Stacey Chan (MBBS 2023)
Financial and Sponsorship Director Emily Tsang (MBChB 2023)
Career Events Directors Zachary Lau (MBChB 2021)
Karina Lee (MBChB 2023)
Justin Chow (MBChB 2023)
External Events Directors Bobo Fu (MBChB 2023)
Philippe Chan (MBChB 2023)
Harry Kwan (MBChB 2023)
Workshop Directors Hollie Pong (MBChB 2023)
Emerson Lui (MBChB 2023)
Bobby Qian (MBBS 2023)
Publications and Promotions Director Natalie Law (MBChB 2023)
Ian Chu (MBChB 2023)
Public Relations Director Maksim Chan (MBChB 2023)