Student Surgical Association of Hong Kong

Founding Committee

President Tommy Lai (MBChB 2017)
Vice President (External) Leone Chan (MBChB 2017)
Vice President (Internal) Wesley Ho (MBBS 2017)
External Directors Katherine Leung (MBBS 2019)
Anna Wong (MBChB 2018)
Internal Directors Timothy To (MBBS 2018)
Grace Howe (MBChB 2019)
General Secretaries Max Lee (MBBS 2019)
Ada Cheung (MBChB 2019)
Finance and Sponsorship Directors Jessica Yu (MBBS 2019)
Matthew Ho (MBChB 2017)
Marketing Directors Stephanie Chau (MBBS 2019)
Jacob Cheng (MBChB 2019)
Public Relations Director Paul Lee (MBChB 2019)
Communication Officer Chloe Lau (MBChB 2019)
Events Directors Joyce Leung (MBBS 2019)
Winnie Lee (MBChB 2019)
Operation Directors Daniel Kwok (MBBS 2018)
Prilla Tsang (MBChB 2018)
Design Directors Alex Lun (MBBS 2019)
Amelia Chao (MBChB 2017)
IT Director Matthew Kwan (MBChB 2019)
Student Consultant Nora Lai (MBChB 2017)