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The War Zone Surgeon - Seminar given by Dr. Au Yiu Kai

How many surgical specialties have you heard of? Neurosurgery? Cardiothoracic surgery?

How about WAR Surgery?

There are ongoing wars all around the globe but there is little we know about the healthcare system in war zones. Therefore, this is the time we have a more in-depth understanding on the importance and nature of healthcare in war zones.

For the 1st seminar of the year, we are honoured to have invited Dr. Au Yiu Kai to come speak on the topic of ‘The War Zone Surgeon’. Dr. Au will share his experience of war surgery in Gaza, Palestine and Aden, Yemen while you can ask questions anytime via our ASK system. Students from all years of study are welcomed! Check out the details on our Facebook page!

We look forward to seeing you in the seminar!

Application Procedures

Fill in this application form on or before 20th November 2015!

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